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Network Repair

Keeping your business network running reliably is not as difficult as you may think. There is no single “magic bullet” solution that guarantees success. Instead, a range of simple changes that address the various causes of network instability are the key. Sound internal usage policies help. Security measures that keep your network secure from attack help. Reliable hardware selection, proven network design and proper configuration also help. While no one can or will guarantee 100% up-time for your business network, we have maintained networks with 99.9% uptime over the past 5+ years. If you’re tired of network and PC problems interfering with your business, we can help. We will analyze your existing system for weaknesses and problems, propose solutions and implement those solutions.

Backup & Recovery

In the end… hardware fails. Sooner or later a piece of hardware will fail in your system. Components with moving parts are most susceptible. That usually means hard drives. When this happens to you will you be ready? The steps you take now to mitigate the impact of hardware failure could mean the difference between recovering that same day with all of your data intact or being down days and possibly never recovering all of your data. We can ensure that your backups are capturing what you need and test that the data can be properly recovered when necessary. We can also help in designing features into your network that will help lessen or possibly eliminate the effects of sudden hardware or power failures.

Network Maintenance

You say your system is stable now. That’s great. You’re ahead of the game. But do you have the policies and procedures in place to keep it that way? Using a recurring maintenance schedule will allow you to keep your system clean and running smooth and can find problems before they become critical and bring down your system.

Starting a New Business?

Starting a new business presents a wide range of challenges. For the new business owner, deciding on a network architecture, choosing hardware and sorting out connectivity issues can be a daunting task. Decisions made in the beginning can either cost or save you a lot of money later on. Let us analyze your business needs, determine requirements to support those needs and design a network that will serve you reliably now and well into the future.

Graphic Design and Illustration

We can design logos, business cards, letterhead, brochures, flyers and many other products in a variety of formats ready to go to your favorite print house. Our graphics designer has 30 years experience in the graphic design field. Her client list includes the University of Maryland, the U.S. Air Force, the Army and Air Force Exchange Services, Shari’s Berries and a host of smaller companies. We can also provide you with custom illustration for those times when generic clipart just won’t do.

Website Design

An attractive website tells people you are a professional and can have a dramatically positive effect on your business. A professional website doesn’t have to be complicated or cost a fortune. If you need a simple website or even a small scale merchant site let us help. We can design your site to your specifications for a fraction of the cost of a web design house. Don’t have a domain name for you site? We’ll take care of that for you as well as set up hosting and email.